2012 Kia Sedona - Doors

has anyone besides me have a problem with doors opening on their own or the won’t close. complained to dealer and kia not there problem

How bad was the wreck ?

It is just you.

Here we go again . A post that does not really make it clear what the problem is .
Guessing - Door locks activating on their own - passenger sliding door (s) opening and then not closing - or what ?
And No this vehicle out of warranty is not going to be repaired for free.

you stated exactly what the problem is. doors open on thetre own at 55 mph then won’t close either. problem was during warranty as well as after. no luck on getting it fixed by dealer or kia .

You are still not clear. “You stated exactly what the problem is” there were three different symptoms attempting to clarify your statement.
If a door is actually opening—and this is a new problem on a seven year old car, I would check with a body shop, they might have an idea what the problem is.
If the locks are cycling, then it is electrical.
You don’t need to take an out of warranty vehicle to a dealer.

the problem was doors would open on there own while driving down the road and other times you would open the doors to say like load groceries and they wouldn’t close. brought it to the dealership a couple of times while warranty was still in effect they never did fix the problem. contacted kia themselves not there problem.

That vehicle has 5 doors, I’ll guess that you are having trouble with the power sliding doors.

If you hand a technician a repair order that reads “doors open on their own or won’t close” he or she is not going to spend much time trying to duplicate the problem, it is no surprise that the problem wasn’t identified and repaired.

For Pete’s Sake , what doors ? If it is the sliding doors just say so . Does it make a difference if they are locked or not ?

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Okay, so IF it is the sliding door, see if you can have a passenger get a video as it happens.
The vehicle is out of warranty. Kia will fix it—at your expense.
Expect to pay for diagnosis and repair.

If you have a warranty claim during the 60 month/60,000 mile warranty that is not fixed twice you should have 2 work order copies documenting that. If you have 1 or both of those Kia should repair the problem under warranty.

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Not seeing any service bulletins involving the doors for this vehicle. It may be the wiring harness is getting pinched or chaffed somewhere. If there’s any wires that go between the body and the door, check that transition area, often located in the door hinge area.