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2012 Hyundai Tucson - Dead battery

My Tucson will not turn over no click all lights work battery checked good. Did notice that horn will cycle on and off when I connect the battery

Is there an anti-theft system? Factory or aftermarket?

Did you disconnect the battery at any point?


If the battery is good and connected to the wiring harness properly the problem is most likely either the ignition switch, neutral safety switch, an anti-theft system, or a blown fuse. Ask your shop to measure the voltage at both starter terminals with the key in start. Both should measure at least 10.5 volts. What do yours measure? Pardon the pun but that’s where to start.

Thanks guys, my mechanic made it by my house, it was an after market alarm that needed to be reset. Do I feel like a goof or what &?@&

Glad your Tucson is no longer at Tombstone’s Boot Hill :slight_smile:

[quote=“GilLozano, post:5, topic:147844”]
it was an after market alarm that needed to be reset.
I sometimes think that installing one is the worst thing that can happen to a car, but then I think of cars that have sat in flood water.

I don’t mean to sound like a sourpuss . . .

In the future, you might want to think about removing this after market alarm system

Speaking from a professional stand point . . . they’re the cause of many problems, and are often more trouble than they’re worth