Is it the alarm that is draining my batter?

I have a 1998 Toyota Camry with an after market alarm installed which I never activate. A few times in the past few years, and most recently yesterday, I find the car dead and will not start. There is a button to the left of the steering wheel that did blink when the battery was dead. I got the car jumped which set the alarm off. After disconnecting the battery a few times and alarm stopped going off and the car started.

Does this sound like the alarm might be draining the battery, or is it likely something else. An interesting thing is that the horn does not make any sound when pressed now.

Would disconnecting the alarm altogether be a good idea… seeing as I don’t use it anyways? Any help or tips greatly appreciated!!


When you say “should I disconnect the alarm” do you really mean “should I disconnect the security system”?

Maybe, maybe not. First get your battery and charging system checked. That’s the most likely source of your problems.

If that all tests out fine, then you have to start searching for a “parasitic drian” (as in “parasite”). That could be anything from a trunk light that never goes off to…yes…the aftermarket security system. One thing you could try is to remove the security system’s fuse and see if that helps.

I’m assuming you bought the car with the alarm already installed. Yes, the alarm may be causing the problems.

Aftermarket alarms are a nightmare, IMHO. Why anyone would spend money to have one installed on their car is beyond me. Be that as it may, you’re stuck with the alarm.

I suggest you have every trace of this device removed from the vehicle, and pray that no permanent damage has been done. Maybe you’ll be lucky, and just removing a fuse or disconnecting a wire will disable the alarm.

Good luck.

Yes, I bought it used with the alarm already installed. I do not have any documentation on it either. Thanks!

The load of the alarm is not very great,all it is is a flashing led,when the alarm is not blowing the horn there is very little load.

The load of the alarm is not very great, assuming it is functioning properly, which is far less likely on an after market system.

I have installed hundreds of aftermarket alarms (mainly from Code Alarm,a product installed at GM Dealers) and they are not problematic. Problems come with alarms that include electric lock functions and tech’s have to create relay groups out of common 5 prong relays,sometime mistakes are made. But if you use a quality alarm that has the relay groups internal with the alarm module things go effortlessly. Many people just don’t understand electricity so they want all “confusing” issues removed.I really don’t miss the alarm heydays (problems came when you were asked to deal with products you do not know and have complex arming,disarming,programing,valet,and special functions, I hated those alarms that automaticaly rolled up the windows,many sets of keys locked inside and many problems getting cars to crank after battery disconnect,it was just because you don’t know the product.