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Not sure what to do now after replaced the battery?

Just replaced my battery. When i went to start the car, i noticed my flashers were on, and all the lights inside were on, but going dim and then bright. But when i turn the ignition, nothing. No sounds like trying to crank, no clicking nothing. Dose anyone know what it could be, cause i have no idea. Any help will be appreciated.

Sounds like you have an add-on alarm system. Try locking and unlocking the doors with the remote.

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Maybe you reversed the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE connections when installing the battery.

There is a toggle switch for the alarm a previous owner installed (like a dead man switch) but i messed with that and nothing but didnt try the locks or anything like that. Thanks ill try that out see what happens.

A dead man switch on an anti theft system brings on a great deal of puzzlement. Some systems required wiring in a hidden fuse on a critical circuit and failure to properly operate the switches burned out the fuse resulting in a no start or even a start and run then go dead in a few minutes. Some after market anti theft systems are a real pain to track down and bring the wiring back to original.