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Tuscon Won't Start After Interior Locking?

Have a 2013 Hyundai Tuscon. Recently it’s not been starting after I lock the doors from the interior switch. Not every time, but 4 times now. If I lock the doors from the keyfob, there’s no issues. After the second time, I had a local place I trust check it out. Battery is great, no problems with the alternator.

The car does have a history. There was a problem with the wiring to the horn, where it wouldn’t work. This problem has started after that was fixed.

Any ideas of what I can tell the mechanic to look at?

what happens when you turn the key to start the engine? Is it trying, can you hear the starter click or just silence?

Today there was a clicking sound, but not the clicking sound I’ve heard with a dead battery. Not rapid, just a couple of clicks today. I think the first time there was just silence.

I think the door lock thing and engine not starting is pure coincident. Sounds more like an intermittent starter or starter solenoid problem.