2012 Hyundai Sonata - brake lights don’t work

All of the brake lights on my car suddenly stopped working. When I press the brakes, only the lights at the bottom of the rear window turn on. The others do nothing. (It’s possible that each of the other bulbs have burnt out one a time and I didn’t notice, but I don’t think so.) Is it possible that this is caused by a bad fuse (or fuses)? If so, which fuses should I check? Is there another possible cause for this (besides bad bulbs)?

Put new bulbs in and if that does not solve the problem then start looking for another cause . I guess you are saying the third center brake light works .

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Do the running lights work?

I’m not sure. Which lights would be the running lights?

Check if there is a recall on it. My 2012 hyundi had a recall on the break because it would break on its own. It ended up blowing both my brake lights because they over heated

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good info for future readers. Thanks @Eline-1 :smiley:

Yes, especially if their “hyundi” breaks!



Turn headlights on. The lights in back that come on are the running lights.