2012 Hyundai Sonata brakes

It seems as my car has a mind of its own, it has to started to brake by itself. It started with me being very confused when randomly while pressing gas it ill slow down as if i was braking. Now ive realized when i drive at night ill see the brake lights come on by itself while i press gas, sometime nothing will activate the brake, but everytime i go over a bump the brake lights turn on. Ive learned if i push the brake pedal up its stops until the next bump comes and its on again. What is happening to my car? how do i fix it?

Replace the brake light switch.

Before you replace the brake light switch, check the fluid level in the master cylinder. As the brake pads wear the fluid lever drops in the fluid reservoir. You can just add more fluid but generally speaking, by the time the fluid drops low enough to trigger the light, the pads need replacing.

Neither low fluid or an out of adjustment brake light switch would explain the car actually slowing, That would require a collapsing brake hose, sticking caliper, or bad master cylinder or worse yet an abs problem.

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There is a recall on that vehicle for the brake light switch stopper pad failure that can cause the brake lights to stay on.

Low brake fluid will turn on the brake warning light, not the brake lights.
If both the brake and accelerator are pressed the PCM will detect a problem and reduce engine power.