2013 Hyundai Sonata - Light swaps

2013 Sonata tail lights melting housing and socket. Bulbs burn out frequently. Major heat problem so I replaced all bulbs with LED’s and did not use any load resistors. Turn signals blink faster now but don’t burn out. Used Amber LEDs. Brake lights work OK but seem to be just a bit dimmer than the 2357 bulb. Hyundai garage mechanic told me LEDs wont work…but they do. No more heat issue, no more melting. How can get brake lights brighter when I step on the brakes?

They need to be dual LEDs, one for the taillights, one for brake lights, your Hyundai mechanic was right, they are not going to work. The standard lamps that came with the car should work fine without melting anything. I would advise returning the car to stock condition. Aftermarket LEDs in car’s not designed for them rarely work.

Didn’t know they make dual LEDs. But the stock bulbs heat has melted the housings and sockets to a point where I had to order new assembly housings for $100 yesterday. Hundreds of complaints for same problem on Internet. Hyundai has no solution. They say just to replace tail light assembly and repeat every time it melts. That’s stupid. Its a HEAT problem. I will try dual leds for brake lights. Thanks for that good input.

I am a little confused, you say the tail lights melted the housing but you replaced the turn signal bulbs with with amber LEDs. If you have amber turn signals, your brake lights are seperate. If your tail and brake lights share a bulb,you do need a dual filament bulb. If everything works after you make the change, I see no reason to go back to stock, The LEDS draw less current and make less heat. If you want the turn signals to operate at normal speed, you could change them back to stock bulbs Because the turn signals blink instead of staying on steady, I don’t think they will build enough heat to melt the bulbs.