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2012 Honda Odyssey - Sliding door troubles

I bought the van new in 2012 in southwest Florida where it is either hot or very hot. On a trip to North Carolina in December, the electric sliding doors would not function on a cold morning and had to be forced open. After an hour or so they began to work fine. I brought it to my local Honda dealer in southwest Florida but he could not duplicate the problem because it’s hot. Since then it occasionally fail the san
me way again in cold or even cool temperatures but never in southwest Florida. Any idea what the problem is? Thank you.

I have a Town and Country, but this happens to me occasionally. If I turn the key on then off again or manually open and close the doors it seems to resume operation. There are electrical contacts on the door and door frame. I clean them in case one might not be making a good connection which could confuse the body control module.