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2012 Ford Fiesta - leaking water under the driver’s side

the car is leaking water under the drivers side

If it is coolant, you need to get it into a shop to be repaired immediately. May simply be a radiator hose leaking. But might be something more.
The risk of not having it repair immediately is engine overheating doing major damage.
With the engine cold, check your coolant level. If very low might even be wise to have it towed.

Well if it is truly water, then you really have nothing to worry about. AC causes condensation, and that will cause water drips. Could be coming from exhaust too. However if it is coolant, then you probably have a leak somewhere.

Uhhmmm, mold? and mildew? If it is AC condensate, your drain is plugged. Cleaning it out may take a shop with a lift, but is is easy to do once you find it.

I guess I am missing some thing here . The last I checked there is not supposed to be water leaking into a vehicle.

Sometimes there is water under my car, I don’t have a problem with that.

Is the water on the ground - or is it inside the cabin?

On the ground - no problem. In the cabin - no, problem!

Yep, in the car, under the car, water, coolant, it all makes a difference. Like the doctor said, can you be a little more specific about where the pain is?