2012 Ford Escape difficulty starting after recall part replacement

Fuel delivery module flange replaced in June, 2018 - a recall part replacement. Immediately started having problems with long cranking times and fearful that it won’t start. Worried about driving it out of town. 2012 Ford Escape with 50,000 miles

That’s part of the fuel pump ass’y I presume. Long cranking times can be due to the fuel pump check valve not holding pressure. This allows the fuel to leak from the fuel rail back into the tank when the engine is off.Next time you try to start the car, it takes some time before the pump is able to re-deliver the fuel to the fuel rail. I suspect you have something wrong with the check valve function now. An external fuel leak could cause this symptom too, so good idea to get it at least inspected right away. Especially if you notice anything dripping under the gas tank area, or if you smell a gasoline odor. I expect it is just the check valve though, which doesn’t result in an external leak. A fuel pressure test at the fuel rail would confirm or disprove this theory.

Next time you try starting use this procedure. Be sure that it has sat non-running for awhile.

Turn the key to the “On” position , but not all the way to the “Start” Position, then turn the key to “Off”.
Do this 6-8 times, then try to start the engine.

If it starts…the check valve at the fuel pump is allowing the fuel to drain back into the tank as @George_San_Jose1 mentioned.


Get it back to the mechanic who did the work. They should figure it out, probably at no charge.

Yes, I have my 3rd apt coming up next week. Thanks for your help.

Any updates on this? Same car, same year, having same issue and Ford continues to tell me there is nothing wrong!

Yes, my local Ford dealer got it repaired, but it took 3 appointments. Now I’m working on getting a repair on gas cap evap leak. My check engine light is on sporadically. Seems to be running ok. I read this is a common problem on capless gas tanks.

In case that’s not really the problem, the other thing that can cause that trouble code is a stuck evap purge valve, which is a common problem on a lot of cars.

Thank you.

My recall was done in August and soon after I started to have the long cranks as well. I took to local ford dealer and they told me the long cranks are due to my fuel pump being bad. And that the fuel seal that was replaced has nothing to do with it. And being a female I just don’t see them being honest. Is this true what they told me??

More info might help. Year model of vehicle, mileage, etc.

It’s entirely possible a weak pump is causing hard starting. ALL fuel pumps will fail at some point depending upon various factors. The problem could also be related to the fuel pressure sensor.

A Recall is not all encompassing and does not even begin to address various other issues which are unrelated to that Recall.
I think it’s a bit premature to dig into the I’m a female so they are not honest blame game.


Also @Chris-731, if you don’t trust the dealership opinion, find an independent mechanic and have them diagnose the car. Labor will likely be a lot cheaper for whatever the repair is- plus the mechanic may just be better. If your car is out of warranty, there is no real need to spend the extra money of a dealership.

I understand the going to a different mechanic and most likely will happen. I was looking to see if the reason behind is accurate. Trying to get more info before going on to another one.

Tell dealer you Will pay for it if it fixes problem. No fix, no pay. After he stops laughing as him why not.