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Long crank time 2002 Windstar SEL

I have a 2002 Ford Windstar that only in the fall and winter it has a longer crank time of at least 10 seconds. In the summer it starts as it should within 3-4 seconds. I did notice that the times it did start normally in the colder air is when I turned the key on and listened to the fuel pump prime the system. All othertimes it doesn’t do that and thats when I get the long crank time. Once it is started it runs as normal. Am I looking at a possible fuel filter or pump? I am due to replace the filter as the van has 83,000 miles on it. If this is the possible culprit, is this something that is easily replaced at home? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. : )

I would look at your fuel pump relay…you have one…prob in the under hood fuse/relay box…The contacts inside the relay are probably wearing out or corroded. In your case I am betting that other systems use the same exact type of relay…switch the relay of the fuel pump with another of the same relays for a different system…see what happens. This is perfectly safe.

I appreciate the quick response and will indeed try at least swapping out the relay if another is rated the same per the contact ampreage. Thank you

I can’t say for sure on the 2002 models but many late model Fords use a control module for the pump. This module has been called several things over the years (ICRM, CCRM, etc.) but in a nutshell it’s a Box O’ Relays that control the fuel pump, cooling fans, A/C compressor, etc.

Sometimes the connector that plugs into the whatever you prefer to call it develops scale and this leads to a poor connection. Sometimes removing and reinstalling the plug will cure it.

The pump relay part of this is also grounded through the ECM (computer) for a few seconds when the key is turned on. Once the engine is being cranked over and the ignition provides a pulse to the ECM the pump relay ground will be reactivated and the pump will operate.

So it’s always possible to have an intermittent fault in the ECM along with the possibiity of the plug on the ECM developing scale like the ICRM/CCRM etc. does.

I will also look at the connector as that makes perfect sence too. At times when I hit larger holes on the streets or bumps the Traction, ABS and Brake light all come on and a loose/dirty connection I suppose could cause random faults too. Thanks again for the help.