2012 cruze 1.4 p1101 code

Hello. This is my first time posting here and need help with my car. Sorry if I incorrectly post this wrong.

So, I recently cleaned my maf sensor hoping it would clear the code but it’s still there. The car runs okay to me. Takes off smooth and everything and gets on the freeway easily. I do notice jerking when the car changes gears like speeding up to get on the freeway but only when going into 2nd and trying to take off fast. Also very slight jerking when letting go of the gas at about 8mph. And recently the car started idling at 1k rpms when I use the car for a while.

I did take it to AutoZone to use their code reader and it said that the engine was running too lean or rich.

My next move would be to replace maf sensor. Also the code reader I have says the code severity is high.

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Your post makes it sound like you replaced the head gasket because of a code indicating a faultin the map sensor circuit. That does not sound right, so why did you replace the head gasket?

After I used autozones code reader, they printed out a paper for me saying what it could be and it advised me to replace the valve cover gasket so I did just to be sure although I don’t know how it would relate to the code. I’m so sorry it was the valve cover gasket I replaced.

Here is a tsb for your code:

Service Bulletin PRELIMINARY INFORMATION - NHTSA https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2013/SB-10071546-5448.pdf

While not related to the above TSB, these cars have a goofy valve cover/pcv system that goes bad and requires the valve cover itself to be replaced. Not sure if it would cause your problem, but it does cause a lot of strange engine issues.

First off, the AutoZone employee is NOT a mechanic. Let them tell you the codes they read, say thank you and go research it for yourself.

THIS is the actual meaning of a P1101 code

These are some helpful hints on the possible cause in addition to @TXdealer’s useful hint

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