P0101 alarm code on 97 Lesabre LTD


help please. Replaced MAf and MAP sensors, general tune up, air filter. After replace MAP and MAF sensors at cold start car sputters, rough idle and then dies. Whats going on? HELP!


The code may be triggered by a bad signal. Check the wires for damage. If you have a digital multimeter, then you can check the signals being sent to and returned from the MAF sensor. You may have a bad connector or a broken wire somewhere.


Thanks. The problem was the idle air valve, didn’t need to replace MAF or MAP but oh well. Live and learn.


The trouble area for the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0101 is: “Mass, or volume, air flow circuit range/performance.” We REALLY need a DTC dictionary to give a definition for phrases like this. I’m sure the car makers COULD provide such a dictionary, but, they don’t. When I see these phrases, I would like to be informed as to which SENSOR values are being used as a reference. I don’t think THAT is too much to ask of the car makers. If you had known that the Idle Air Control was considered as a part of the “air flow circuit” referred to, your actions would have been different.