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MAF sensor code P0101

Hey everyone

My name is Wael and Im from Sweden. our mechanics suck and they charge so much money and fail to repair. let me tell you my long short story.
I purchased a car last summer called KIA Venga. I used the car to commute and its been in total like 16000kms without any issue. I sent the car for inspection few weeks ago and they told me the check engine light is not working. I dug into this and found out the bulb was removed by the previous buyer, I put a new bulb on and then check engine light is on ever since. obd2 says MAF sensor with code P0101 so I cleaned the sensor and erased the code but it came back. I put a new MAF sensor on and erased the code but it came back. one mechanic worked on the car for about 2 days and he suspected that the new sensor is maybe not as good. he said no vacuum leaks and wires are fine but he can’t find any issue. the car is running really fine without any problems. I drove 700kms up north in the winter none stop and the car performance was as good as any used car. what else can I do to find out the problem? I mean since the performance is very ok and with the new man sensor on what else could be the problem?

What is the year of this vehicule because it might be under warranty.

Its from 2010, there is no warranty any longer.

Maybe the previous owner removed that bulb because he already knew that it was not causing any drivelability issues. Some vehicules perform better with the OEM part compared to an aftermarket part…I know my toyota does. I suggest you get the OEM if its available.

Was this a genuine Kia part? Or an aftermarket part? If it was aftermarket, I’d suggest replacing it with a genuine Kia part.

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Thanks for the tip

No its an aftermarket part. I thought why invest in an OEM if Im not sure if its the problem or not. Do you suspect anything else like exhaust or whichever parts related.
Thanks anyway

Or maybe its even worse than just the MAF sensor🥲


I don’t know why, this made me chuckle…straight and to the point.

I hope you’re able to get your issue resolved.

I also don’t know why that made you chuckle . I am reasonably certain there are many good mechanics in Sweden . Most of the time people say things like that it is not true.

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Pretty much every Swede I’ve met is this way. I like that… maybe because my ancesters were Danish

You say the car runs fine… a blocked exhaust… another possible cause of a P0101, would not run fine. Other causes, wireing and dirty maf have been addressed. That leaves me with a sub-standard maf as a possible issue. Kias may be extra sensitive to that.

I have met 2 mechanics and the dealership so total 3. First 2 couldnt identify the problem and the dealer wanted more time which means shit loads of money.
In my profession I solve problems related to my work and i like the challenges i meet in my work. Those mechanics dont like challenges, all they do is changing filters and oils. Im sure there are some good ones but honestly i havent met one yet.
I spent 600 euros already and my car isnt fixed yet. Now please disregard this matter and lets stick to what we know to solve this issue.
Thank you

Thanks for the tip.

Thank you very much

Thats what i will do first thing tomorrow. Thank you very much.

I will start with the exhaust tomorrow and i will update here.
Thank you

With this specific problem, and others that are like it, I Google something like Kia forum P0101. I tried that and got a lot of links, but this was the first.

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Hey thats great!
I have been looking and googling for something like that but i couldnt find anything.
Thank you very much.