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2012 Chevrolet Equinox - Cam sensor

Engine warning light is ON. Diagnosis about Cam sensor to be replaced. This scenario has been repeated twice within a couple of months. Sometimes the light went off and then came on again a couple of days later. We want to sell this car, but we want to get this fixed first.

You had the Cam sensor replaced twice? Or do you mean the light went off and came back on?

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At the second replacement, mechanic said “I replaced the cam sensor. I see you had a previous replacement. John, I am sorry but the problem is not fixed. The sensor I took out is clean and shouldn’t haven a problem. Now when I start the engine, the engine light is out. When I start the engine a second time, the light goes back on. Maybe you have a short somewhere…I can’t fix.” My wife drove the car around for a few days and at times noticed that the engine light would go out, and later would be on again. ThT happened two times. Now, the light is still on.

That cam sensor error can be telling you the cam chains and guides are worn out and need replacement. It is an expensive job but happens when the engine gets quite a few miles on it… which you didn’t tell us. It can also be caused by oil sludge buildup in the engine from a lack of regular oil changes. It can also be a wiring issue as your mechanic suggests.

We can’t fix this for you over the internet and your regular mechanic is telling you he can’t fix it. Clearly your mechanic is telling you to find a better one.