Check engine light

Okay. Here it is… The check engine light is on. The codes say it is the cam sensor. Before I get to the fun part, here is all that has been done. Computer replaced at least twice. New cam sensor twice. Timing belt checked okay. Runs good. It is a different engine. Here comes the fun part. When the computer is reset, the check engine light initially comes on like it should, then goes out and stays out so long as it is the first time the car is started. On the second start. It goes out, then comes back on. The third time, stays on. What is crazy is that this happens regardless regardless if the cam sensor is connected or not. The other twist is that the engine is not specific to that model. One mechanic pointed out that the engine is in an accent with computer on the right. My car has computer on the left. (Drivers side.) Thanks

Sounds like normal operation. Maybe the wiring has to be checked.

As long as it runs properly, why do you care?? if you are looking at an emissions test failure because of the light, that’s part of the engine swap game…

See the thread “Cheap code reader” to put together a scan tool / date logger that might be helpful to you…

With a mix and match deal like this and no info about the year of the car, engine year, Fed or CA emissions or both, etc. it will be impossible for anyone to make even a wild guess.

I don’t normally make the recommendation of black tape over the CEL but apparently you’re not in an emissions testing area and may have to resort to this based on having to live with what you’ve got.

Sorry. 2001 gs hatch back and I live in Pittsburgh pa. Emission is required