Cam Sensor

I have just been told by my mechanic that I need to replace my second cam sensor. What could make all these go out? I have 137,000 plus on my 2003 Maxima.

Bad luck is the # 1 cause.
Spike in the electrical system for that sensor is a possible #2 cause.


Is this an assumption based on an error code (check engine light)? Or something else?

Perhaps you might say when the first one was replaced. Perhaps you might also provide the actual error codes associated with the check engine light if that is what is going on.

Well, the first one was two weeks ago. This will make three sensors in all. My mechanic found out from Nissan dealer that there was a recall on these on the Nissan Maximas about three years ago. I never got the recall notice. So…thus the replacement costs!

Ok - and the error codes? Symptoms? What brought you to be looking at the cam sensor?

Here’s how it often goes: 1) check engine light comes on; 2) error codes are scanned; 3) error code says something about cam sensor circuit; 4) cam sensor replaced; 5) light and code return because the problem wasn’t actually with the sensor itself. Important note: There isn’t a code that can tell you that your cam sensor is bad.

So tell us how you got to this point and if it involves a check engine light and error codes post the very exact and specific code(s) in the format “P1234”