Cam sensor

My car is a 2006 with 75K miles. Shortly after having a lot work done, the check engine light came on. I took the car to the same shop and they said the code was saying it was the “cam sensor”. They said it could also be the timing belt. I scheduled an appt. to have the cam sensor replaced because they had to order the part. A day or so after getting the car back but before the repair, the check engine light went out. I called the garage and asked if I still needed to fix the sensor. They said “yes” and that it would cycle back again and that it was better to to just fix it now. Is this true and am I hurting the car by not getting it fixed until the light comes back on? Please advise. Thanks in advacne.

If the Check Engine light turned off it means the engine management system is no longer seeing a problem with the engine operation. So I would drive it and see if the Check Engine light comes back on for the same code.


I would also add that there is no code that tells you that the cam sensor is bad. If the code comes back get the exact code in the format “P1234” and you can post it here. Or at the very least find a shop that will actually check things out rather than just throwing parts at a code.

What was involved in “a lot work”?

Thank you for your feedback. I had a slight oil leak. Independant source said it was the PTU seal. Had trans flushed. replaced motor mounts. cleaned throttle body. brake fliud flush. It needed new battery. Needless to say it was a big bill.