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2011 Chevrolet Cruze - Trans leak question

My 2011 Chevy Cruze has developed an internal transmission leak. I have always taken excellent care of the car. The dealer wants $2400 to repair it. Would it be worth repairing or will that possible bring on other problems down the road?

I’d take it to a transmission shop, myself, for a second opinion.

And as far as other trouble down the road…I’m not sure what that means. Not repairing the transmission now will definitely lead to more problems ON the road.

Good luck.

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I guess you are asking if repairing the transmission will cause other things to break. No , it will not . Now other things could break but those will be separate issues . Do as Ledhed says and get a second opinion.

Thanks f. I was told tor answering. I was told that the mechanic put a dye where the leak is coming from and that it’s coming from an internal seal between the transmission and another “body”. I’m not sure if I want to dump around $2000 into a 7 year old car or buy a new one. If the transmission is leaking, what might happen next.

Not that repairing the transmission would cause other things would break, but if it’s the transmission today, what’s next?

Let me offer an alternative perspective.

What’s the condition of the rest of the car? Does it otherwise meet your needs? Is it paid for?

If the car is in good condition, meets you current and foreseeable needs… I’d at least consider fixing the transmission. Any car, new or used, can have problems. If you’ve outgrown the car or it’s otherwise unreliable, then yeah, dump it. But you’re generally going to be money ahead keeping what you got.

Just my two cents.

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Once it’s diagnosed where it’s leaking from, and to, the next question is how serious is this leak? Will it cause other parts to fail? Is the leak so fast it endangers the innards of the transmission? Or will it make a spot on the garage floor, and cause no other problems as long as the trans is kept full? Lots of times an engine or trans leak is no worse than this.

Second or third opinion for this kind of thing makes a lot of sense. And a question for the diagnosing shop is, “What if I don’t get it fixed soon?”

… and the dealership would probably not do the repair themselves.
Many/most dealerships, when confronted with a non-warranty transmission repair, send the car to a local independent trans shop, and then bill the customer for the indy shop’s fee plus a generous mark-up for the dealership.

In almost every case, one can save a significant amount of money by taking a car directly to an indy trans shop, instead of allowing a dealership to act as a middleman. Whatever you do, do NOT go to Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or AAMCO, unless you want to be overcharged for substandard workmanship.