2017 or 2018 Camaro LT convertible

I’m considering a 2017 Camaro LT convertible in grey metallic and a 2018 LT in jet black with RS package.
The 17 is priced 6k less than the 18. All things being basically equal with these cars (the RS package adds a little flash to the 18), would there be any reason to purchase one over the other? I trade every two or three years. Is the 17 already an issue for trade in value in the future ? Thanks for your advice.

Money question or car question?
The 17’ is worth less now and will be worth less in 2-3 yrs.

Both cars New?

Thanks for your input. Both cars are new.

This is a tough question, both cars will have an immediate depreciation when you drive it off the lot. After that both should depreciate at more or less the same rate.
The RS package retail price is $1950, added 20 in wheel/tires and HID headlights. Look carefully at the stickers on the cars, are you sure RS is the only difference?
Either way, enjoy your ride.

17’ has <100 mi?

If you buy BOTH the Impala and the Camaro should should negotiate for a very big discount.

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It’s a difficult decision. I like the idea of a sportier car but also the feel of a larger vehicle. I’m approved for either car. Just have to decide what works better for me. The Impala is appealing because of styling and all the options. Loaded. The Camaro is almost a base model so no multi options but it’s a convertible, which is appealing. I appreciate your feedback.

And that is something strangers on the internet can’t do for you.

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Yes. New. Remaining from the year. There are 3 17 LT convertibles in stock. No more 18 verts coming

True :+1:. Thank you, though, for input on both vehicles

You didn’t mention an Impala in the original post. If you are looking at an Impala LT, that is not the highest trim level, that would be the Premier. I think you can get the V6 in the LT as an option, and you certainly should. The Impala is a dog with the 4-Cyl. I almost bought one, but I couldn’t find one without the sunroof and it was past time to order one.

Why the heck would GM even offer a 4 cylinder in a large sedan . . . so that they can brag about fuel efficiency?

Because that 4 banger makes 196 hp and 186 lb.-ft out of 2.5 liters. Adequate for a 3665 lb sedan.

Doesn’t sound adequate to me

Not for that size car

It honestly sounds like it couldn’t comfortably keep up with traffic, which moves along very aggressively and quickly in my area

Those numbers you mentioned would be better suited for a considerably smaller car, in my opinion

Lets compare;

2014 Impala at 3662 lbs - 18.7 lbs per Hp and 19.7 Lbs per Ft-Lb of torque

My 2004 Avalanche SUV, 5.3 L V8, 295 Hp, 335 ft-lbs, 5700 lbs - 19.3 Lbs per Hp and 17.0 Lbs per ft-lbs
The Av has a trailer tow rating of 8800 lbs

It may be a bit shy of torque but a six speed gearbox should help compared to my 4 speed trans. I’d say adequate. Many years ago, I’d say no, pick the 6. I wouldn’t say that today.

Our 2003 Silhouette has similar power to the Impala from a 6-cyl. Power is not spritely, but it is adequate.

If I’m buying a big car like the Impala . . . which is by my understanding quite a nice car, I feel it should be more than “adequately” powered

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I’d go w/the convertible. Convertibles are more fun. Especially given your handle. Plus you save $6k. What’s not to like? It’s not a tough decision though, I’m guessing you’ll like either car once you start driving it. Flip a coin if you can’t decide.

I looked at GM’s media site for any changes in that model from 17 to 18 and none were highlighted. So it seems the model year is the only difference. Since it is a convertible, I assume your miles will be relatively low. You say you are going to trade in 3 years. I’d ask the dealer to run the numbers for the two of them and see if a lease for the 17 turns out to be anything special in terms of price. It is pretty easy to do a total cost of ownership comparing a purchase and then trade vs a lease. The upside to the lease for you would be you would not have to worry about the value or the hassle of the trade in 36 months. Just my two cents. I have leased a convertible in the past and the buyout at the end was an incredible deal, so I bought it. I also owned another convertible for three years and when I traded it in I got killed on the trade in value.