2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - Brake fluid leaks

I drive a mail route,after a couple hours and 500 or so stop and goes,brake fluid starts leaking ,car goes into limp mode,there is no noticeable brake failure,just had rear rotors and brakes replaced,cool down for half to an hour and all seems fine,

Can you tell where the fluid is leaking? That would help to know. Regardless, have it looked at ASAP.

How much fluid are you having to ad ?

I haven’t added any,there is still some in the reservoir

I can see wet drop spots along where I stop and go…just dumped 2500 into this car and do not have more $ right now,none of the mechanics believe me when I tell them what’s going on

Drops on the left side, the right side, center left? Have you looked under it? Does anything look wet?

Why do you think you are losing brake fluid? Wet spots can be from the AC, normal in hot humid conditions. Limp mode is unrelated to the brakes, limp mode is related to engine or transmission problems. I am betting the check engine light is on, head on over to a parts store to get the codes read, post them here. They will look like P1234.

What work was done for $2,500. How many miles on the Jeep?

The reason mechanics do not believe you is there no evidence of brake fluid loss, and brake problems do not trip limp mode. There has to be more going on that can help us figure this out and help you.

Thank you,I will post back when I have answers for you,I live rural and not so easy to head to any store,Jeep has 220,000 miles ,had new tranny 4 years ago

Has hot smell like brakes

When was the last time the brake fluid was flushed?


Drops right down the center ,bigger spot when parked for a couple minutes ,sort of under middle of rear seats

Not sure,will find out

Kinda hard diagnosing a problem with a vehicle over the interweb when the owner isn’t capable of providing the maintenance history of the vehicle.


AC condensation would be further forward. It could be moisture dripping from a hole in the exhaust. Has the check engine light come on? If so, have the code(s) read.

Sorry,I am trying

Check engine light has been on for over a year…guess there is to many variables here,garage has fixed thermostat, new wires ,throttle sensor,gas pedal,car had been stuttering horriblely they fixed the stutter,but now this problem,I was hoping someone could say. “”Aha! That is such or such “”

That would have been good to know. No offense but you do realize you’re not supposed to ignore the check engine light, right? And if you deliver mail your vehicle is your livelihood. I looked into limp mode for Wranglers and there are a number of problems that can cause it, including something as relatively minor as a dirty throttle body. You might have saved yourself a lot of grief if you had found out why the check engine light was on a year ago.


Boy, talk about severe service. If you live in a rural area and it is had to get to an auto parts store , you should have your own code reader. There is a lot of information online about what each number code means and how to troubleshoot it. A trouble code does not necessarily tell you to replace a part, it just tells you what system is getting an improper reading from a sensor, then you troubleshoot that system.

I will admidt that as a do it your selfer, depending on the price of a part such as an oxygen sensor and how many miles on the car , I may just replace the oxygen sensor because I may lack the tools or knowledge to do the correct diagnosis and am gambling that the sensor is the problem and it costs less to replace it than to pay for a diagnosis. Just don’t grumble if you lose the gamble.

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Thank you everyone for responses,yes ,I live about an hour drive one way to parts store,local garages that used to be very helpful have gone out business…I usually work 5 or 6 days a week 7 to 6,without my Jeep,I cannot work,so it often does not get immediate attention,thankfully and very gratefully,I told my boss I have to quit because the Jeep doesn’t keep running,he has offered to bring it to a professional Jeep service and give me a few days off,so it has gone to the garage,I will tell you guys what the prognosis is when I hear,also just for gossip sake,I am 63 years old ,worked since I was 15 and am just tired of trying

And just to be sure,I am not sour or grumpy,I was just hoping by a slim chance someone would be able to know exactly what was wrong,I Do appreciate everyone’s input!!