2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - brake diagnosis

Approaching a red light at low speed 10-15 MPH i applied the brakes to stop but the Jeep wasn’t stopping. I quickly pulled up the parking brake which is not very good on the Jeep but i was able to get the Jeep to stop. This could have ended badly if I had cruised through the red light and gone into on coming traffic. Drove the Jeep home with no issues. What could this be?

Did the brake pedal go to the floor?
Or, did it seem like there was no power-assist?
Have you checked the level of the fluid in the master cylinder?

In any event, I would suggest that you have it towed to a competent mechanic’s shop for diagnosis and repair.


If the brake fluid level is OK, this may be a sign of a failing master cylinder, with an internal leak. If it happens, pumping the brake pedal may help, but that is an emergency procedure, and does not take the place of having it fixed ASAP.