2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited leaking radiator fluid

I own a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. I think my vehicle is leaking radiator fluid Whenever I step out of the car after driving it, I smell the unmistakable odor of radiator fluid (hot radiator fluid). Most of the time I drive with my windows open and when I come to a stop, I get the smell of hot radiator fluid coming from my car, but never through the vents. The smell is not coming from my air vents, it’s from the outside. Someone told me my engine makes a funny noice when it’s on, as if my water pump may be going out. Is that the problem when I park, there are no obvious signs of leaks and the engine is clean so where is this smell coming from. It’s radiator fluid smell for sure. Also, my Jeep is not running hot.

are you losing fluid? Any fault lights on?

No Fluid Loss, no fault lights.

Just the smell which is a clear indicator that fluid is leaking from somewhere. There is no fluid on the ground, no signs of it in the engine. Its as if whatever fluid does leak out, burns off into a mist or other gas that I can only smell.

Bring the vehicle to a shop, and ask that they perform a cooling system pressure test.

If there’s a coolant leak, it’ll be found pretty quickly.