2011 Honda Pilot - Mechanic gave up

Car does not start. Mechanic placed new battery in car, car started and left to charge. Next day battery was drained and car would not start.

Mechanic states he has checked the obvious issues with no resolution. Any ideas?

Different mechanic. Find one who knows how to test for a “parasitic draw.” That means something is staying on and draining the battery. Does the vehicle have any aftermarket electronic stuff installed? If so, it would be suspect number 1.


By “car doesn’t start” I presume you mean it doesn’t crank. no rrr rrr rrr sound like you normally hear. Since a new batatery got it working again, albeit briefly, it’s probably nothing serious. Something is draining the battery is all. Any experienced mechanic should be able to find the problem. It sound like something is draining the battery when the key is off. Likely causes

  • Brake lights are staying on
  • Light bulb inside some compartment is staying on (engine, trunk, glove compartment etc.)
  • Faulty alternator diode
  • Trailer brake light circuit (if you have trailer brake connectors)
  • Ignition switch faulty
  • Door switch faulty (makes computer think you are about to start the car, stays awake)

Well, you get the idea. If nothing obvious is found, the culprit circuit is can usually be discovered by monitoring the battery current with a meter while removing fuses.

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What obvious issues has he checked? Has he done a parasitic draw check IF the battery was drained?
Just wondering if the car needed a new battery to begin with as it sounds like the problem existed with the original and continues on.

If the key is turned and there is no starter motor operation at all that could be due to a faulty neutral safety switch or faulty ignition switch.

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He installed a new battery and “left to charge”? No idea what that means.
A new fully charged battery does not need a charger.
The car started when new battery was installed.