2012 Nissan Armada - Battery problems

Replaced battery a couple of months ago, then got a new after that two weeks ago. Now vehicle won’t start are turn over. Something seem to be draining the battery.

Check to see if any lights are staying on at night. like glove box or under hood light. also see if the brake lights are sticking on. a faulty brake light switch can cause the brake lights to stay on intermittently. otherwise, you might have a parasitic draw.

The BEST Way TO Perform a Parasitic Draw Test - YouTube

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I presume this is a fails-to-crank problem, you don’t hear the normal rrr rrr rrr sound with key in "start. My guess, battery ok, problem is with starter motor or associated circuitry. Try jiggling transmission lever while cranking, or try starting in N rather than P. Does either help?

If nothing obvious, ask shop to measure the s terminal voltage at the starter motor during attempted cranking. Should be 10.5 volts or more with key in “start”. If it is, replace starter motor. If less than 10.5 volts, find out why.

Got a new what? Alternator? Starter? Sweatshirt? What?

Try to jump start it. Does it start? Have the “new” battery tested, bad ones do happen. Have the charging system tested. If it dies sitting overnight, have a parasitic draw test run on the truck.