2012 Honda Civic Sdn - Battery?

I have a 2012 Honda Civic 6-speed standard. Have only had it about 6000 miles. Just replaced the battery and left on vacation 2 days later and came back to a totally dead car. Had to use the key and get a jump start. Car started every day for little over a week and then I did not start it for two days and it went dead again. Another jump start. Took it to the dealer. And the battery is testing fine. They cannot replicate the problem and don’t want to start ‘throwing parts’ at it. Anyone else had the same problem?

What if I did? How would that help?

You have a parasitic draw. Something in the car is drawing power when it should not. A parasitic draw test can be run to find the problem part so you are not throwing parts at it.

If the car has an aftermarket stereo, alarm or remote start, start there.

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The only thing I know that is after market is the rear view mirror and it has been in the car over 100,000 miles. Could that still cause it?

If it is hooked to power, yes, it could. That’s exactly how they fail - old electronics.

I’d disconnect it or pull the fuse just to see if it kills the battery while it sits 2 days. If the car continues to start, there is your problem.

Thanks. The dealership is letting it sit two days to see if they can recreate the same thing that happens. If they can’t, i will disconnect the mirror and see what happens.