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Car wont start after sitting for more than a day now Honda Element 2003 187K miles

The problem started awhile ago when I went out of town for 4 days and came back and the care would not start. It has been getting worse now to the point that it is less than a day and I have trouble starting it up. I will have to jump the battery to get the car going. The Honda service center has checked the battery and alternator several times and they are good. I keep thinking it is an electric problem but i can turn everything off and it still happens.
I really can not afford a car note and I have kept up with all my on schedule maintenance for the car. I have had to redo the motor mounts before, brakes, and fuel gauge switch in the last year. The dealer is suggesting to replace the alternator anyway but why if their test says it is ok. The battery has been replace in 2010 also.

Any ideas as to what else might cause this problem?

It sounds like you have a “parasitic drain” (something that is using battery power even when everything is turned off). Here’s a great video on how to find it (I am not Eric, in case anyone is wondering):

The problem might be caused from a module that’s failing to go to sleep after the vehicle is turned off. Some modules can stay awake for an hour or more before they go to sleep. To find out if this is the problem, you need to find someone who can do a parastic current draw test without disconnecting the battery.


Hey grnize,

98caddy is absolutly right. To help you narrow down the cause quite often a parasitic draw will go hand in hand with some alteration made to your electrical system. Sometimes it can be a repair that was botched and is now draining the battery OR sometimes it can also be something aftermarket that was added after the fact. Try to think back as of when you first noticed the problem and try to think if you had any stereo system added, and or electrical part repairs that occured just before the vehicle was found dead.

Hope this advise helps,