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2011 Honda Odyssey - Side Door High Pitched Noise

I have a 2011 Honda Odyssey that sometimes make a noise. It’s a high pitch noise that I can make go away by turning the child safety switch on. Problem is that With the child safety switch on you can not open the side doors. This becomes annoying when I am out of the car and trying to open the side sliding doors. I have to open the front door and turn off the switch so I can open the side doors. I replaced the switches on the side doors but this did not help. The problem still appears sometimes. Have anyone had this problem.

Are you getting any warning lights, such as door is open? Or are the door seals in good condition?

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With the “Child Safety Switch” engaged it is possible to open the doors from the outside, that switch is on the door itself.

The switch on the dash is the main power switch for the sliding doors and disables them from working.

If you’re having to turn off the main power to the sliding doors, I’m thinking you have a bad sensor in one of the sliding doors so that the motor is still trying to run.

owners manual available here