Door panel on '99 Honda Odyssey



The inside latch on one of the sliding doors isn’t working…when you pull back the handle nothing happens…we can open the door from the outside but not from the inside

I want to look at the mechanism that’s inside the door and see what’s going on so I can fix it…I suspect the cable that’s attached to the handle mechanism is loose

How difficult is it to get the inside door panel off? I know there’s a clip holding the handle in place and I know there are fasteners all around the door (I downloaded a parts sketch from a dealer’s website so I have an idea of the parts involved)

I’m willing to attempt the repair but haven’t worked on doors/mechanisms like this before…so before I start I want to know whether I’m getting in over my head with this one


You’re already on the right track. Removing the door panel is simple, and it probably won’t take you long to figure out the problem once you get a look inside the door.

Go for it.


Thanks - how about that clip that’s holding the door handle? Do I remove the clip and handle first, or remove the door pannel first?


Have you checked your owners manual to make sure there is no safety switch that disables the door from opening from the inside that could have been accidentally turned on. I think most cars have such a switch and is usually located in the door jam.


The clip would have to come off before the panel does.


Thanks - I know about the switch you’re talking about…I checked that it was in the same position as the other slider (which works fine) and the latch is still a problem…so I don’t think the safety switch is an issue


OK - thanks…I’ll start by removing the handle clip first then the handle then the panel…I’m really curious to get a look at the inside mechanism