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2011 Honda Odyssey Lower Control Arm Question

At least I think it was the Lower control Arms. In any case my mechanic told me that the factory ones hold the tires at an angle which is supposed to help with traction but also wears the tires out unevenly. They told me I should replace the factory ones (which are still fie and good) with after market ones which correct the tilt.

Is this something i should pursue? They said it would be about $400 for the replacement and suggested I do it to help with the wear on the tires as the tilting that is being done doesn’t help with traction enough to make a difference. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


Is your car still under new car warranty?

How many miles?

If it is, and if your car is eating tires, Honda should be fixing the problem under warranty

Assuming you haven’t damaged something in an accident

Before doing anything drastic, I think you should get into the habit of keeping the tires properly inflated AND rotating the tires at every oil change . . . if you’re not already doing so

That is a lot simpler than getting aftermarket arms

IMHO, sounds like a crock to me.

Time to find a different mechanic. He clearly does not have a grasp of geometry when it comes to front ends. Just how fast are the tires wearing out? Is there an uneven wear pattern? If both tires are wearing either on the inside edges more or the outside edges more on the front tires, it could be a toe in problem. A good alignment shop should be able to check this for you.

The factory rear control arms do not allow for camber adjustment. There are aftermarket arms that do allow for camber adjustment, are you sure which tires he was referring too?


If your camber is off, as @Cavell was alluding to, you might have bent something