Do I have to change both control arms at the same time?

I am changing my passenger lower control arm, should I also change the drivers side at the same time??

That depends.
What is the reason you need to change the passenger side control arm?
And does that reason exist for the driver’s side control arm?

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My tires are wearing out on the inner side, I have changed the passenger side twice and the drivers side once, within a year. Went to a mechanic and he lifted it and wiggled it he said we need inner tie rods and a right control arm. Only on the front end

Most people don’t change control arms like they change their socks. Twice in how many miles? 50,000 or 150,000? Either way, that’s too much.

I’d guess that the “bad control arm” diagnosis is either wrong or there is something seriously wrong with your car - like its been in a large front end collision and not repaired correctly.

Worn inner tie rods will indeed wear the insides of the tires but so will poor alignment, sagging springs or accident damage. Are you taking the car to a chain like Pep Boys or Tuffy? Are you taking it to different shops each time? I would recommend taking it to an independenat suspension specialist shop so you can get to the real problem. It may cost a bit more initially but it will be worth it in the long run.

I bought the car from a used car lot a year ago, I do not think it has had and front end damage, but it dose have over two hundred thousand miles on it. I have been taking my cars to an auto and electric shop for sixteen years. I decided to get a shop closer to my house and this is what I was told. I am thinking about just taking it to my mechanic.

Do that. I don’t know what kind of shop is closer to your home. I wouldn’t give up on a 16 year relationship with a shop unless they’ve given you a reason not to do business with them.

So if I do have to replace the right side lower control arm should I just have him replace both, he is also going to do the inner tie rods and ball joints.

I seriously doubt it needs replacing. Its been done twice, right? So no, don’t replace it unless the mechanic says its bad.

No, the tires have been replaced twice, we drive less than five miles a day so they are wearing rapidly, we made sure they aligned it after we bought the car.

My mistake, I thought you meant changing the control arms twice, not tires. If this is the first control arm being changed on a 200, 000 mile car, by all means replace both! But also have the alignment carefully checked. There is definitely an issue.

Well I just jacked it up and did the wiggle test myself, the drivers side remains still, but the passenger side has a lot of wiggle, I noticed the rubber that is on the control arm is completely shot, I also noticed that on both sides there is something that looks like an accordion and it is torn next to the bolt, may I ask if you know what that part is?? Thank you for all of your help.

That accordian rubber part is one of 2 things. The smaller version is to protect the steering rack and it protects each end of the rack itself when it steers the car… A larger version is around the driveshaft, or halfshaft, (also on each side) to protect the constant velocity joint. If torn, it should be replaced.

Even though the drivers side remains still, if its never been replaced at 200K, it should be replaced. It does not have much life left and will save you from a second alignment if it needs to be replaced in a year.

Thank you very much, you have been a big help, I will be taking my car to my mechanic within a day or two. :sunglasses:

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How are the road surfaces there? Around here the roads are utter garbage and changing suspension and steering components multiple times is not unheard of at all.

I’ve even lost 2 stereos due to the guts being shaken loose.

The roads here are mostly new, or being repaired. But I have not done any major repairs on my car yet, just the basic tune ups.