08 Trailblazer - Service Stabilitrak lights

The “service Stabilitrak” lights came on in my Trailblazer a couple years ago - I have had the steering speed sensor changed out 3 times and the lights still come on so I just gave up and have been living with it for some time now but its something I would really like to get fixed. I have asked many different mechanics and forums and they just come back with changing out the sensor again which is what has been done in the past to no avail. Any other suggestions??

We need a bit more info, Stabilitrak uses more sensors than just the steering sensor to do its job. Why do you keep replacing this sensor? Are the mechanics guessing? Or is the error scan of the system telling them the steering sensor is bad?

There is a yaw and acceleration sensor as well as data from the wheelspeed sensors needed to make it work.Have you had any ABS lights come on? or are both on?

I was told the steering senor code prompted the changing of the sensor. The ABS light has not ever come on.

I was just wondering if this is a common issue - I know of at least one other Trailblazer owner dealing with the exact same issue.

The steering sensor itself is used on other cars and isn’t particularly unreliable in my experience. There may be something about the Trailblazer that causes a problem. Trailblazer forums are probably the best place to find that out.

Did they replace it with a Dorman or the genuine OEM GM sensor? Because this is a super common failure mode (my '08 LT needs one too) and hear all kinds of horror stories about the Dorman sensors doing just this- failing almost immediately after replacement. I haven’t replaced mine yet because I won;t pay $140 at the dealer and the only one Rockauto carries is the Dorman. For some weird reason GMpartsdirect doesn’t seem to carry them…

Visit the Trailvoy site for more specific info on your trailblazer.

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I do not know what brand was used but I am guessing it was not a GM part as it went out shortly after each install (4 total) - luckily the shop that did it only charged me for the initial replacement but after 3 new ones going out I just quit taking it in.
I suppose before I try to sell or trade it in I will have to take it to the local dealer and have them fix it.