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2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid brake problems

Since purchasing my vehicle in January 2011, I have had continuing problems with squealing brakes and my rotors scoring. They have been replaced along with the linings, pads, etc and less than three months later they are back in the same condition. I drive 140 highway miles roundtrip daily - at least half of that in stop-n-go commute traffic. I never experienced this over the 11 years I owned my 1999 Ford Explorer under the same driving conditions. Any recommendations? Anyone else experiencing this issue with the hybrid?

I can’t speak to that, but I can tell you about the Maryland Lemon Law - problems that can’t be resolved (must go to service and be documents) four times in 15 months mean you have a lemon. They would have to replace your car under that law. I don’t know what state you live in, but I imagine the law is similar.

The problem with brakes is that they are a wear item and expected to need owner replacement. But what does your owner’s manual say? What does the service department tell you?

Thanks. I am considering the lemon law and have been documenting my issues and the times I have been in for service. The service department was supposed to be going to the Ford Motor Co but have heard nothing except they want to sand them again. The dealership owner was also going to call me but have heard nothing! They also indicate there is no way to forward the photos they took of my brakes.

Your dealer needs to make sure the brakes have the latest software. The hybrid uses regenerative braking to recover energy for the battery. Your disc brakes are a backup system and are not meant to be used as the primary braking system.

Some versions of the software is too sensitive and reverts to the conventional system too early and too often. If the pedal feels like it has more travel that it should, this is a big clue that that is happening.

It is also possible that you are hitting the brakes too hard and pushing the pedal past the regenerative part. I have never driven a hybrid, but I heard that an engineer at consumers reports had trouble getting used to it so you may be in good company.