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Ford flex

i have a 2009 ford flex which i really like but when i apply the brakes it makes a rubbing or grinding noise like the pads are worn out.

ford has replaced the rotors, pads and calipers to no avail. any suggestions?

also after a couple hours of highway driving it makes a burnt feathers smell when i pass another car.

again any suggestions?


wayne rountree

Does the dearer agree that there is a grinding noise? If so make sure they document it and you get copies of the documentation. Keep records and read up on your states lemon law.

Lemon Laws:

I have no idea on the burnt feathers.

I Don’t Think Noise From Brakes Constitutes A Lemon. Do You Think People Who Complain About Wind Noise Or Road Noise Or Rattling Diesel Engine Sound Should Get A Refund On Their Vehicle Purchase ?

Can you speculate what on earth would cause . . . “also after a couple hours of highway driving it makes a burnt feathers smell when i pass another car.” ?? Do you suppose this makes the vehicle a lemon ?

Now, if the brakes are faulty or unsafe, that’s another story. I don’t doubt that the brake noise is annoying, but I appreciate that the dealer is working with this customer to resolve the problem. Perhaps if enough owners complain then a solution (revised pads ?) will be made available.

The owner likes this vehicle.


When Were The Brakes Replaced ? Was It Very Recently ?

This does not appear to be a safety issue.

Apparently many customers have complained about brake noise. A very current bulletin, the latest of five Technical Service Bulletins (dated 08/20/10), instructs technicians to replace pads and rotors, and anchor brackets on vehicles (2009 - 2011 Flex models equipped with the Performance Package) with brake noise. Included are special notes and warnings on proper application of “grease” (where to put it and not put it) to prevent noise.

It looks like Ford is aware of this noise issue and trying to resolve it for their customers.


one of the things i worry about is if the car will have any resale value if these conditions cannot be fixed.

yes the dealer knows

the smell could be from the catalytic converter. they often smell when still faily new. the noise could be from the new pads being the tough, low wear rate pads.

Clean out the dead duck.