2011 ford edge no high beams

I have a 2011 edge, when I pull the lever to turn on the high beams, I get nothing. I feel the lever click as it should, but no change in the lights, and no indicator on the dash. There are a single bulb with a shutter that is supposed to open for high beams. I have checked all the fuses under the dash. Anyone have a suggestion where to start troubleshooting?
The intermittent function on the windshield wipers also doesn’t work. It has a different lever on the steering column than the lights, so maybe not related.

Check the high beam relay in the fuse box located in the engine bay.

You may be looking at a BCM that’s starting to fail.


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Since the low beam seems to be working ok, suggest to focus on the shutter control. The circuit path for the driver’s side high beam looks to be

fuse 39 (15A), FET on body control module, grey/brown wire to lamp fixture pin 3, shutter solenoid control, to chassis ground 105. One possible clue: There’s a side marker lamp that’s part of that fixture, does it appear to be working?

The lever you pull to turn on the high beam might be the problem, but it appears to cause another of the car’s computers to send a digital “high beam on” signal to the body control module. That’s going to be harder to diagnose, may require a Ford scan tool.

OP, if you aren’t familiar w/diagnosing electronic problems w/computerized cars, this isn’t a good first job for a diy’er. Suggest to take your car to a good shop. Another caution, if your car uses the HID type of headlights involving higher voltages, suggest to leave this to a pro.

If equipped with auto lamps, switch from “Auto” to “On” position. Auto lamp control will not allow high beam operation under certain conditions.

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The bane of my automotive existence!

They should haved a ward in the mental hospital exclusively for Body Control Modules.

Bad luck with computers?

The BCM is more likely to identify the cause of failure than it is to be the cause of failure.

If this vehicle has the optional rain sensing wipers, windshield replacement/rain sensor installation is usually the problem.


The automotive world, until early 1990s, was just fine without them.

The idea of a small box using the same circuitry to control multiple functions terrifies me actually.

Try resetting the BCM. Disconnect both battery cables and hold them together for ~30 seconds. Then, reconnect the cables.

Throw it in the river.

That’s how I reset ‘Body Control Modules’.

There’s nothing terrifying about it. As Teddy Roosevelt said, “There can be no life without change, and to be afraid of what is different or unfamiliar is to be afraid of life.”

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I turned off the rain sensing option in the settings and the wipers started working normally.
All the other lights seem to work as they should.
A couple times now I’ve noticed that a few seconds after I start the car, the bright lights flash on for a split second and go back to dim.
I found a couple fuses labeled headlights in the fuse box under the hood, but they are both good.
I also tried switching from auto to on, no luck there.
I will try resetting the bcm on Thursday.

Interesting. Maybe the folks who designed it are reasoning is that if it is raining, you don’t need high beams. Seems a questionable assumption. If problems continue, and you prefer to not use work-a-rounds, I expect you’ll need a dealership shop’s help to figure it out. Good idea to make sure the windshield is clean, inside & out.