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High beam inop

my 99 jeep cherokee high beam do not work but the low does i change the bimmer switch and they still don’t work and the fuse are good.i do not have any power to the fuse

have you had any electrical problems other than the high beams?

there should be a high beam relay under the hood in the fusebox. check to see if it is any good…try swapping it out with another relay. just make sure they are exactly the same.

the only relay under the hood in the fusebox are Fuel Pump,ASD,Starter and the Cooling Fan

somewhere on or in the vehicle should be a relay that controls the high beams. look in the owner’s manual for the location (should be listed on the diagram for the fuse box(s) ).

Flash to pass, also uses the high beams. Does flash to pass work? will have the wiring diagram for this.

87 Ranger is correct. WWW.autozone does have the wiring diagrams for the headlights; but, you may not want to look at them. Here, they are: Scroll down to, "Headlamp Beam Select Switch, Page 01 (1999), and click on it.
If the flash-to-pass works (momentary high beams), the problem is in the switch, or between the switch and the fuse. You might want an automotive electrician.

Thanks to Hellokit for the diagram. As it shows, the headlamp beam select switch shows pin 3 supplies the power to the hi- beam headlight and the power comes from the Headlamp Delay Module, so check that out. Notice that the flash mode is tied to pin 1 and that comes from the headlamp swtich, a different source.