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2007 jeep compass hight beam not working!

Hi plz help me my hight beam went off and doesn’t work anymore …my fuse box is the problem and i dont want to replace it cuz its too expensive maybe a chip inside not work right and in my car when i switch the gear to d the hight beam turns on On 6 volts day and night . Now its doesn’t work ether the 6 or 12 volts … How to fix it?

What you call the fuse box is actually called the Totally Integrated Power Module.

And if you want the high beam to work again, the TIPM needs to be replaced.

Not cheap!


It appears the headlights on this vehicle are not something simple.

The SCM, EMIC, TIPM, CAN bus, and the multi-function switch on the steering column are all involved. If equipped there’s also a daytime running light feature, which involves all of the above plus the parking brake and the transmission selector, as well as the PCM and TCM. Whew!!!

The TIPM is what does the dimming function, which is done by pulsing the headlights. When you measure 6 volts, what you are actually measuring I expect – if you could watch it on an o’scope – is 12 volts being pulsed on and off at a 50% duty cycle.

I doubt there’s any way to fix this without debugging which of the above modules isn’t doing what it is supposed to be doing. That would require a Jeep specific scan tool probably. Have you asked someone with the needed tools and training if they’d debug it for you, then tell you what needs to be replaced and you could try doing that yourself? That’s one idea to save you some $$.

The only other idea I can think of would involve simply re-wiring the headlights around all that other stuff, mounting a separate switch/relay somewhere on the dash to turn the headlights on and off. Does doing something like that interest you?