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Car cranks but won't start

Hi people, I’m in the need of help, any suggesion will be useful.
I have a 1996 Toyota camry 2.2l dohc efi, just this past few day my car just died, was going to the store and parked, couple min later the car shook a little bit and just died out at idle. So come to find out out my timing belt snap (great, did try to turn the ignition couple of time to no result) and tow it home, put in a new water pump along with a new timing belt, after all is done i try to start my car to see if it works, car almost start but nope, did everything check the marking natch on the cam and the crank pully, they both line up perfectly. Its a non interface engine so my piston and valve is are ok. I’m just about to give up fixing it in this cold weather condition, got me very frustrated and stress at the moment, please help me anyway possible. Thanks

When the timing belt broke, it may have damaged the Crankshaft Position sensor.

If the computer doesn’t receive a signal from this sensor, the engine won’t start/run.


That could be it. Also does that crankshaft sensor the one that is sending the information to the ecu and then the rpm? Cause if that the case the rpm does go up every time I try to crank the car

The crank sensor sends the signal to the tach.


So if that sensor is broken the car won’t start right? I mean I just wanna know before dropping another couple hundred, if that true then I might have to buy one then

The crank sensor is a primary input into the computer.

If the computer see’s no signal from the sensor, the computer see’s no reason to operate the ignition/fuel systems.

So the engine won’t start/run.


Oohh ok that probably why thanks ill post more if I ran into any trouble. Much appreciate

Spark plugs can become gasoline fouled when cranking an engine with a broken timing belt.

Is that bad? Also my guess is when the belt snap it was close to the crank sensor so my guess is that what did the damage

Wet spark plugs can be dried or replaced. If the crankshaft position sensor is damaged there will be no spark and no tachometer reading. Is there spark while cranking the engine?

Holding the accelerator to the floor while cranking the engine is the clear/flood mode, it shuts off the injectors. You might try this but in cold weather fuel soaked spark plugs don’t dry or clear easily.

Can that grantee the car to start? I’m going to go barrow on of the obd2 scanner tomorrow morning, just to be sure what it is so I want be wasting money.

I don’t think anything can guarantee the engine will start, first check if there is spark while cranking the engine, this is costs nothing.