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2011 Chevrolet Express 2500 - Won't crank

Won’t crank, replaced: fuel pump, spark plugs, crank sensor, cam sensor, ECM and programmed,

What do you mean by “won’t crank”?

No crank means the starter is not cranking the engine. Waste of time and money if you did all that for a no-crank issue, wasn’t it? Might be cheaper to tow it to a real mechanic.

If the starter is turning the engine and it won’t start, that is a crank-no-start, not a no-crank. If it cranks, spray some starter fluid or brake clean into the intake when cranking and see if it fires for a moment. If it does, it isn’t a spark problem, its a fuel problem. If it doesn’t, it is more likely a spark problem.

Beyond that… might be helpful to us if you told us what engine your have and how many miles are on it.