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2011 Acura TSX recurrent flashing CEL

I have 2011 acura tsx 2.4l manual 6 spd taransmision. two months ago auto garage replace sleeping clutch. After job was done , I drove back home from auto service, 2-3 km on the road engine light start flashing, engine lost power. Turned ignition off, start engine again and power comes normal, ready to drive. After few km engine light start flashing, no more engine power. Shot ignition and start again , power of engine returne to norma. I installed new spark pugs, new ignition coils, new crank shaft position sensor, new MOP sensor, New battery, problem still comes after few km driving on the road.Acura dealer up date my ECU, did not solve the problem, installed and reprogram used ECU, problem flashing engine check light still comes back. My mechanics are out of idea what can cause, miss fire on all 4 cylinders. Please help, Bogdan

With all those electrical problems after a clutch replacement, my first guess is they forgot to hook-up a ground strap that they removed when pulling transmission.

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Or it is connected, but not well. Take it back and have them disconnect the ground strap between the engine and the frame, and clean both ends well before they reconnect it.

Hi , thanks for the suggestion. The Acura dealership found the ground cable lose after that small garage ( Auto service) replaced the clutch, then Acura cleaned and secured the ground cable tight. I suspect the engine was dropped down - stretching wires, and as a result every so often engine check light starts flashing and the car loses all acceleration.
I shut off the ignition, started the engine again , engine check light stays on steady,and car drives normally till next engine light starts flashing and the car loses power again. The scanner shows only missfires on all 4 cylinders, no other codes are showing.

I was wondering if there was a Canadian telephone service I could use to contact about any further questions. I was also wondering if your service is free of charge or is there a base fee to pay? Thanks

Not sure what you are asking here. This is a forum comprised of people some who are actual mechanics but not really a paid service. You can ask anything you want about your vehicle but no guarantee who will answer .

There is no fee, but you have been chosen to host the annual “Rally and Crab Boil” at your home.
Just let us know when and where!!!

I too think all your problems are rooted in the grounds.