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2006 Acura TSX is possessed!

Hi there, I’m having a serious problem with my car and am at my wit’s end and thought maybe someone here could offer a suggestion!
My Acura has been having some problems with what I"m guessing is a computer glitch. It’s been to the mechanic four times in the past two weeks and while my dealer has been great about cooperating and trying to fix the problem, I think they just don’t know what the problem is.
The problems started when one day I was driving the car and all of a sudden all the error message lights came on and the car could no longer accelerate. Drove it slowly back home but when i took it to the mechanic the next day, it was working fine so he couldn’t do anything about it.
TOok it home and within ten minutes the problem started again. This time i took it to an Acura dealer and they kept the car for two days until it started acting up again (engine warning lights and what not) and they did an engine valve replacement of the traction control or some such thing.
Two days later I was driving and the car just shut off and wouldn’t turn back on. I was moving and not stopped or anything at the time.
Took the car back again and they decided to change the whole computer system.
Now two days later again, the check emission and check transmission warnings came on again. THe car is still working for the time being but its only a matter of time before it conks out on me. Also, even while running, the lights that indicitate what gear it is in continously flash (so the D is flashing instead of solid) and occasionally the D and D3 lights are flashing simultaneously even though I am obviously in drive.
So does anyone have any ideas? If not, is there anywhere to take a car above a dealership? The guys there have been great and I understand they can’t fix a problem if they don’t know what the problem is but its getting dangerous driving this car around as it can stop working at any given moment.
Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help exorcise my poor car!

I Don’t Know An Acura TSX (Can’t Say I’ve Ever Seen One) From A Sears Allstate Moped, But There Is Something I Do Know In Situations Such As The One You Describe. I Have Worked At Car Dealers.

Would you describe your dealer as small, medium, or large Acura Dealer ? At any rate, they’re not all alike. You may have better luck at really large dealer. Larger dealers see more cars like yours and more cars like yours with problems like yours.

If it’s not convenient to drive to another dealer (around here the closest dealer is a couple hundred miles) then you could make some phone calls (get phone numbers online). Talk only to Service Directors / Managers (not service advisors / writers) and give them a little interview as to their years of experience and the size (volume of cars) of their dealerships.

Ask them if they’re up to a challenge. Thoroughly describe your situation and see if they’ve dealt with similar problems. Get several different opinions and compare notes to see if there is a consensus. If one sounds as though they are familiar with the problem you might decide to go there or take the info to your dealer.

Another thing, has the dealer contacted an Acura Parts/Service Zone Representative for help ? Being a nonresolvable safety issue should pique their interest enough to possibly get involved and schedule a meeting with your car to have a look.

You are correct that this vehicle has defects that make it dangerous to drive.


Has anyone ever pulled the stored codes? If the engine light is on, or the transmission indicator lights are blinking, there should be stored ECU and trans computer codes, but you haven’t mentioned them. I hope the dealership isn’t just throwing parts at it on your dime on the off chance that it’ll work.

Really, with the number of electrical glitches you seem to be having I’m forced to wonder if a rodent hasn’t gone after some of your wire insulation.