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Electrical problem

I just replaced the clutch in my '89 toyota pickup and during the process I lost all of the electrical that operates the windows and dash dials. I have replaced every fuse, pulled the dashboard and replaced all those fuses, checked all the wires… but still cannot find the problem. I am so poor I can’t even pay attention, so was hoping you might have a few insights as to what is going on. All was in fine working order until I replaced the clutch. Thank you for any info you can give me!! You guys have kept me going for years!

Check and see if a ground wire was left off during the installation of the transmission. Some ground wires connect from the firewall to one of the mounting bolts for the transmission.


You may blown a fusible link if there is one in the circuit; I don’t know for sure. Also, if you didn’t check the fuses using a test light probe or something to check for power with then you should do that.