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How to remove honda accord kick panel trim?

I am thinking about buying a pedal commander unit, which would require me to remove what I think is called the kick panel, which is the trim that covers the wires around the gas pedal to install it. Is there any guide or pictures or video someone can link me showing how to remove it? It is a 2011 honda accord SE.

Matt that 300.00 unit will most likely not solve your physical problem . As far as I can tell it only effects engine performance .

Based on what I have learned about it, I think it would help. Does anyone know how to remove the kick panel?

I think the best bet for that info would be to order a factory service manual or get a one year subscription to All data.

Don’t you mean NO data?


I didn’t know Mitchell had a diy product now. That is great. We used Mitchell exclusively at the shops ( and Mitchell One for shop management). Thanks Tester.

Trim removal like that usually either involves prying off a plastic rectangle thing to access the underlying bolt (that’s how it is done on my Corolla); or sometimes there’s no plastic rectangles and you have to pry up on the edge of the panel to access an underlying clip. To avoid damaging the panel in the process you need to use the appropriate prying tools that are made of materials that won’t damage the panels. I use ones made of nylon. Without access to the factory service manual it’s a bit of a guessing game which order to remove the panels, but generally you start from the panels on the outside edge of the trim area and work inwards from that. On the lowermost panels, sometimes there are bolts accessed from just below the visible edge of the panel. The thing you got going for you, you know it is possible to do b/c the panels had to be installed when the car was built, and they were installed in the reverse order you will remove them.

Matt, I was reviewing the responses to your other thread on this issue. Before investing in this device, have you talked to a shop that modifies vehicles for disabilities? I would think one of those shops could install a left foot accelerator pedal or hand accelerator. Perhaps not but at least ask.

BTW, have you gone to a LEGITIMATE (not a pill-mill) pain clinic to address the tendinitis?

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