2010 Volkswagen Tiguan - intake manifold fault code

Engine light on- Fault codes showed defect in Intake Manifold.
Manifold replaced. light still comes on. Faults cleared but after 2nd or third restart light returns. Car however drives perfectly. Fuel consumption within expected range. Help please as my mechanic cannot find a fault.

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look at number 6

OP says the manifold was replaced. Wouldn’t that include the solenoid and valve? My first, non-mechanic, thought was a vacuum leak but I’d think it would be running poorly if that were the case.

might help if you post the codes and tell us what exactly was done. if you had someone do it recently you should bring it back.


How do you expect US to help you if you don’t at least post those codes?
Your mechanic has their hands and tools ON the car and can’t figure it out, how do you expect us to tell you what is wrong without even the codes?

You need a better mechanic. One more familiar with VW-Audi vehicles.


That’s Farfegnugen for ya !


That’s a very unusual fault to have, if you’ve stated it correctly. Intake manifolds, b/c of their passive function, rarely fail. I don’t recall any posts here that said replacing the intake manifold fixed their problem. Replacing the intake manifold gaskets, yes, but never the intake manifold as best as I can recall. You might try the forum search feature to see what others have said about intake manifolds, icon above right on this page.

I expect the problem must be something related to the intake manifold, such as incorrect intake manifold vacuum, etc.

I think the OP is having a problem with the intake manifold runner control valve.
Example below, different engine.

Ok, thanks for the info Nevada, I see what you mean. Intake manifolds on some engines , usually for higher performance applications, or for emissions or mpg reasons, contain active devices which vary the air flow path to better match the driving situation.

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For more help you really need to add some information; mainly what codes were set. Sounds like a manifold runner issue and the intake only was replaced without considering the actual cause.
I also suspect there is a difference in the engine performance. You just do not notice it as it is very subtle.