2008 Dodge Avenger intake manifold runner control

Check engine light computer scan indicates intake manifold runner control valve stuck open. How serious is this problem? Will it damage the car to drive it in this condition and what does fixing it entail?

It will not hurt the engine to drive it like that. The manifold runners alter the torque characteristic of the engine at low RPMs and at around 3000 RPM that characteric changes. It’s subtle and most would never notice it anyway even when working properly.

As to fix, that’s difficult for me to say as I’m not familiar with Chrysle’s IMR layout. Possibly an intake manifold runner or tuner has failed, wiring or ECM fault, or the flap is sticking. An ECM fault is not likely and in the case of the latter, cleaning can help or driving down a rough road may shake it loose.

Rough guess on replacement is a couple or 3 hundred dollars but there’s a LOT of variables.

Thank you ok4450. I appreciate the response.

Here’s a video (what he keeps calling the “valve” is really the “actuator.”

I have a relative with an older Ranger that had IMRC, and it failed. What happened is part of the plastic intake broke, which disabled IMRC

Besides the check engine light being on, the truck was quite low on power

After I replaced the manifold, his power was back