2.0 VW Engine Problems

We have a 2009 2.0 Tiguan with approximately 60,000 miles. About 6 months ago, the check engine light came on so we took it in and found out the breather valve was stuck causing oil to enter the cylinder and causing misfires. Had this fixed an about a week later, the car acted up again. Took it in and removed & reinstalled the intake manifold. Both pricey fixes. The dealership said it was a problem with the 2.0 engine design. Now we have taken it in again to a local shop who is now informing us we will need to replace the intake manifold. He said the same thing about the engine design. Our concern is that this problem will need to be fixed on a fairly regular basis. We really love the vehicle but cannot afford the cost of this maintenance if it becomes routine and are considering trading it in for a Passat. Has anyone heard of any problems with the 2.0 engine? Would it be worth it to just trade it in?

I have no experience with this engine. Hopefully someone with knowledge will post. I’m thinking if you was told by the dealership and an independent garage that there was design flaw on the intake, then you’ll be fighting this problem while you own the car, unless there’s an aftermarket part that eliminates your problem.
Good luck

You might want to post this at VWVortex. The 2.0 is used in just about every VW and Audi, there should be lots of info on any common problems.

& try Googling “vw 2.0 liter intake manifold problems”. There’s a number of links that may be of interest. Since the dealership says it is a problem w/the design, suggest you ask the dealer what he can do to help you out. Say you like your VW otherwise, and you’d like to buy another VW in the future from this dealership – but it will depend whether or not this engine design issue is resolved to your satisfaction.