How to replace intake manifold gaskets on a4.6L DOHC engine

How to replace a intake manifold gaskets on a4.6L DOHC engine

Can’t find a video on YouTube for this. It should be pretty straightforward from the pictures of intakes I’ve seen online. Mark stuff, take pictures and if water lines go anywhere near the manifold, drain the coolant partway so it doesn’t splash all over. Bleed off the fuel pressure before removing the lines and injectors. Keep assemblies together as much as possible and it shouldn’t be any more difficult than an intake gasket on any other V8

Why do you think you need to replace the intake manifold gaskets?

Well I had been driving this car for quit a while and it seem to be running
well but I did think that the transmission didn’t shift into gear real fast
like it did in my96bace model that I had but some idiot hit me on the
highway and cliped my front number off on my side one morning and everytime
I thought I had it under can control the number would go back under the
weel and I would start sliding again untill I ended up hiting the medium!
Now that car ran so good it would pull the front wheels off the ground a
litle when you took off in it from a dead start and it would shift real
fast into gear! But this one seemed to like it would rear back like it was
taking a big breath them it would take off! That was really all that was
wrong, now the LSC iam talking about after they but the wrong oil in it and
told me it was all right it just slowly got running worse and worse untill
the lite came on and I had it checked with my brother’s thing that plug’s
in and it can back saying it was the#1 bank imrcontrol so I took the one
off my other car and put it on and it does work but the lite still stays on
after a little while and now it looks like it’s starting to first week a
little fluid from some where but not much from the bottom of the maybe the
radiater on the drivers side and also now I’ve been seeing some under the
car that looks like oil! And I have tryed every part I can think of I
changed even the the troutle body and gasket and the part that goes on
that, you name it and it just doesn’t run right, in was even getting hard
to start when it was cold and it doesn’t idle good and when you push down
on the pedal it Will run up high for awhile before it comes back down to
where it’s back to idle! So the only thing a can think off is the manifold
is bad, it’s really got me ticked off man I have already put in over
ahundred dollar’s in itaand that the only thing that make sence or it’s
because they put that thiner oil in it and it screwed up the sensor’s, iam
at at the point that iam really teed off at them about that oil and also
not long after that I got a small ticking on the bank one side now to! If
you got any thing to help me I sure would welcome it ! Thank’s George from
st Louis

Sorry, I can’t make sense out of your statement. How about adding some punctuation and correcting the spelling?

my96bace ?
cliped my front number off ?
under can control ?
back under the weel ?
to like it would rear back like it was
taking a big breath ?

Bill, I second the motion.

Ok, the96 base i have was wrecked, put it still runs and it’s a parts car as of now, the96 LSC is the one iam having the trouble with, it was running fine but it didn’t seem to be as fast as my base, and that was because the transmission didn’t shift as fast into gear as my base, but the main thing now is that the LSC is running worse and worse ever since I had the oil changed and they put in 5w20mix with synthetic! Now while i was at the dealer getting the oil changed I asked the guy are you sure this won’t hurt my engine, and he told me no that this is what they use in everything now! I told him that you better be sure because my manual says it takes5w30 and said it would not make any differece so i told him you better be sure because iam tired of being screwed around! Ok, since that time the car began to slowly get worse and worse running wise. Then I started to hear a slight ticking in the top of the right side, bank one. Now since then it slowly has been running a little worse untill the engine lite came on, now my brother has a tool you plug into under he dash and it came up with a code that said it was the#1bank intake manifold runner control, so I took the one off the base and put it on there 92nd I tested it and it was working, but yet the lite still stays on and the now it don’t idle good and when you push down on the pedal it Will stay up high and won’t come down right away like it should , it Will stay running high and comes down when it wants to, and because of that it’s useing to much gas and it makes it harder to drive, because it won’t run right! I have replaced many of the parts that would cause this but nothing seems to work, and iam at the point that it’s driving me crazy! The only thing I can think of that just maybe I could change the oil back to the right one, and to replace the intake manifold gaskets! I really don’t know what to do, I’ve tried just about everything that people that know something about the engine I have in it, the 4.6L DOHC engine, but I can not find any information on the one that goes into a mark viii ! I have tried every web site, book, you name it, and i can’t find anything on it, i can find anything you want to know about the4.6 LSOHC but that’s it ! Hope that helps clear up what i am trying to do know! See my base that got wrecked ran great and it would kick right into gear on it’s own, like it should, it’s a shame because the LSC should even run Beyer because it has true doul exhaust and a little not horsepower! Hope that helps clear it up for what iam talking about! Thank you for any information that you can give me !

The oil change has nothing to do with your engine problems, zero. Changing back will not help. As for the rest I am going to let someone else wade through all that.

I’ll tell you iam at my wits 32nd over this, i replaced all the parts that are related to the ilde and all other that deal with this and nothing seems to help,that’s why iam thinking the only thing it could be is some kind of leak, that’s why my last thing i can think of is that the intake manifold is leaking air in some where and it’s giving it to much gas and it’s making it run so bad! And that’s why it’s doing so bad on gas and performance! Because my base would take off so fast it would pull the front wheels off the ground a little and it would do about a high4.7 or so from0 to60 but this one iam lucky to get about high5a to low6.something in the LSC and it’s got the true duel exhaust and428-1rear gear’s and the base only had the308-1 ratio! Iam going crazy tring to figure this one out!

Sorry about some of the spelling it’s my phone , it’s been giving me troble too! I will type in something and when i press the word it Will come up with something else if iam not real slow and make sure every time, it’s time for a new phone too!

I have two questions.

When you replaced the intake manifold runner control, did you also install new gaskets?

When you tightened the upper intake manifold bolts, did you torque them to 71-88 in/lbs? And then angle torque them to 85-95 degrees?


I have only one question at this time, what was the actual code that your brothers code reader gave? It will be a P followed by 4 numbers, like P0507.

No, you see at the end of the runner control lever at the back of the intake manifold on each side it has a vacuum opperated peice that bolts on the backof the intake and it has a vacuum line to it and the the intake runner control lever hooks to that and it moves the runner control inside the intake manifold that move these levers that open and close like a4bank carb would on my car there are two large openings on the throtle body so these runners on each side work on like that!

When it get to a certain amount of vacuum it open them runners as the not air comes in the throttle body like a4bbl carb it kicks in the runners to open or slide these plates like on a carb in the intake and I was told these can get dirty enough to start sticking and I thought well i tried every thing else, that’s all i can think of!

I don’t have it with me now but i called my brother and he said that the only thing he has on it from last was p2007 intake manifold runner control stuck open!

Iam sorry it said2004,intake runner control stuck open !

DTC P2007 is intake manifold runner control stuck closed.


No i sent you another message, it was p2004 - imrc, stuck open! That’s what my brother told me he had on his decoder! Sorry about that, hope you get this one ! Also bank#1

Tester, I sorry it said p2004imrc bank#1 stuck open! It has three wire’s on the top and also a vacuum line that goes to it also! And when I put the one from the base model and with the motor off and the intake air channel off I was able to barlly able to get my fingers in there and I had taken the vacuum hose off and was able to pull it all the way up and that’s with the hose off I put my finger over on vacuum hole and it held it up, i am going crazy with this thing i even put a brand new power control unit in and had it flashed before i put it in, a new throtle body on it with this part that goes on it in the back, new mass air flow cencer too! Iam just thinking of that is the the problem! I read a text that was mulltable answers and it was about what I was talking about and it said if your imrc is bad and sticking #1 it would make it run rough , #2 it’s would get bad milage and #3 it would not have good performance and the last one was all of the above! But i cant find anything about how to remove and reinstall the one from my other one ! All i know is it’s called a wet sump engine and that there is some sort of tube with rubber seals on each end and I just can’t find anything about the4.6LDOHC , ican find everything i want on a SOHC ebbing nothing on thea4.6 with theSOHC on every where i have tried to, not even a book!

Tester, iam sorry it said , p2004 , i beleave that’s stuck open bank#1 !
And I out the the part from my other Mark base on it , it had one place for
vacuum line and three wires and I just took the one from the base and with
it hooked up I took the vacuum hose off and pushed it closed and put my
finger over it, while holding it closed and let go of it and it was holding
vacuum, and it held it open! So I guess it’s working I don’t know it’s
driving me nuts! Thanks George from st louis

Thanks brother I didn’t know!