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2010 Toyota Venza - squeaking when I let off the brakes

what is the reason for a squeaking or scrubbing sound when I release my breaks and accelerate??

Often this squeaking sound means that the disk brake caliper pads are worn thin. It is designed to warn you that it’s time to get your brake pads checked and probably replaced. This is a normal wear situation and nothing is broken, just wearing out.

I wouldn’t be so fast to determine that nothing is wrong.
A scrubbing sound may be normal, if it is only a second of the sound. Any thing more than a second of the sound may be indicating a problem.

If you hear a scrubbing sound…it could be a caliper hanging up. Weather it is actually the caliper and not a deteriorating brake hose will have to be analyzed.

If you have a infrared thermometer you can test this by checking the temp of the rotors immediately after a drive.