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Brake squeal when releasing pedal

Morning All

I have a 2005 Murano, 96K.

In Aug 2011, I had the rear disc brakes/rotors replaced. Front ones were replaced in Feb of this year.

For the past month, whenever I release the brake, I hear squealing (no sound when I press the brake to stop). Last about 5 secs, or until I hit about 15-20 MPH. Seems to happen only after the brakes heat up. I’ve tried to “Google” the answer, but the answers are mostly for drum brakes.

i’m thinking that a caliper has not released the pads when you lift your foot off the brake pedal. you might have a caliper with a hanged piston or a brake hose that has collapsed in on itself or the caliper is hanging up on its slide. i would take your nissan back to your mechanic, tell him whats going on. it might be the caliper needs a little lube on its slides. what you are hearing is the brake pads rubbing against the rotor and the caliper because something is hanging up.

That vehicle also has the small shoes and drums in the center of the disc to use as parking brakes. Another possibility is that that’s out of adjustment.

But my real answer is the same as Big Marc’s…take it back and let them look at it.

I agree w/mountainbike and Marc, sounds like something is sticking. You’ll have to return it to the brake repair place for a look-see.

If it turns out this is correct, that something was sticking and they lubed it and now it is ok, you might want to consider finding a new brake repair place. When replacing brake components certain of the part surfaces are supposed to be lubed with a special high temp grease – to prevent this very symptom. Which surfaces depends on the car’s make and model. But brake shops are supposed to know all about this. It may be the shop isn’t properly doing this for you.